Start a Rhythm

Our mission is to make disciples who will Live and love like Jesus. To do that, we commit to following Jesus and to making rhythms of discipleship a priority in our lives.

These rhythms aren’t a linear process. As you can see on the circle diagram, each rhythm is simply a “part of the whole.” Take out one or two, and life starts to look incomplete.


We gather weekly to align our hearts to God and our lives to His mission. As a church, most of our gatherings happen on Sunday mornings. This is a time that we each set aside on our calendar so that we make time to hear what Jesus is asking us to do next in our lives.
Sunday mornings, we gather at 9:30am for Sunday School for all age groups, and at 10:30am for the Worship Service.


We connect in life-giving smaller groups to help one another follow Jesus. When we do this we find community with one another outside of our work and family – where you can find friendships that will challenge you!
“LifeGroup” is for Student Ministry (6th – 12th Grade) and it meets on Sunday nights 6-8pm here at PBC.
“MidWeek” is for Kids Ministry (K-5th Grade) and it meets on Wednesday nights 6:30-8pm here at PBC.
Check with the PBC office for the current Adult Bible study groups meeting during the week.


We serve our home, church family, and community to make God’s love known. Serving others is what Jesus did, every day of his life. When we serve, others take notice and this is what transforms our community for lifetimes!
To start a conversation about serving here at Ponderosa Basin Chapel, use the Form button below.


We share our faith and invite others because Jesus makes a difference. The story of Jesus’ life is real and when others learn more about it, their lives change forever! Here at Ponderosa Basin Chapel, we each have “one” person in our lives that we’re committed to invest in relationally, and invite into a new and better life with Jesus as the center.
We encourage you to make the commitment to sharing the story of Jesus with your “one” person. 


We give generously to deepen our trust in God and to impact the lives of others. Let’s be real, it takes a lot to trust others with our finances, but we believe that everything we have is God’s anyway – so – giving back a portion helps us trust Him even more. When we do this, we impact the lives of others through the work of the local church, local missions, and global missions.
To learn more about giving to Ponderosa Basin Chapel, click on the Give button below.

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