About Us

Ponderosa Basin Chapel is a Non-Denominational Christian Church which began in 1978.

We emphasize the practical preaching and teaching of the Bible — our authority for life. The Bible says that faith without works is dead, so we encourage study of the Word to produce action and life-change. We uphold the inspiration and infallibility of Scripture. We encourage our people to be “people of the Book”. We still believe in right and wrong, moral absolutes, and absolute truth — as revealed by God in His Word. See our statement of faith.  Our goal is to build people’s faith and love. Many have come to us suffering spiritual hurts and have found renewal and healing. Our goal is to build Christlike character and to nurture in each of us a servant’s heart as we relate to others.

We emphasize world missions. We encourage our members to get involved with global and local missions.

The Chapel fellowship evidences a warmth, love, and unity that has stood the test of time.

The worship service blends together both hymns and praise songs that honor Christ. Our music ministry has an energetic, upbeat, and uplifting tone. Worship takes place in a celebrative atmosphere.

We endeavor to meet the needs of all age groups and provide appropriate ministries to each.

Our Mission

With the presence and power of Jesus, our mission is to bring as many people as possible to full maturity in Christ. This means that we will share the Gospel, baptize and teach everyone within reach, knowing that Christ is with us and His power is in us.