Carmen Filbeck

Carmen Filbeck has served two assignments with Christian Mission to the Orient.   Her first assignment was from 1990 to 1996.   At that time she returned to the US for an 8 year period where she taught ESL, did graduate studies, and taught at Hope International University in Fullerton CA.  In 2004, God answered her prayers to return to Thailand.   Carmen currently serves as the Director of Lanna Theological Center.

Christian Mission to the Orient (CMO) was started 30 years ago by David and Deloris Filbeck, long time missionaries in Thailand. Today, CMO continues under the leadership of the Filbecks kids. Currently, CMO’s primary ministry is Lanna Theological Center; a leadership training school located in Chiang Mai. LTC’s mission is to “prepare workers for the Lord’s Harvest” . Southeast Asia has always been considered a tough soil, but there are pockets of revival happening all across the region.   And LTC is preparing workers who will go and do the Lord’s work of bring people to faith.

LTC student body is made up of students from 10 different language groups.    Half of the students come from a neighboring place where there is still persecution.   The alumni from this language group are currently experiencing a tremendous harvest in that place. Alumni from LTC have seen 60,000 come to faith in the last few years and have established countless churches in villages throughout the region. Alumni in Thailand continue to work among their language groups all across the northern region. Though some have ventured out beyond their own group and are ministry cross-culturally. Mr.Boonserm is one of those alumni. As a tribal man, Boonserm is considered lower class by the city Thai. Yet, by God’s grace, Boonserm and his family have established 3 churches among urban Thai. Other alumni are working with organizations that help rescue those caught in the Sex traffic industry. Others take care of orphans at-risk children in dormitory ministries. Other ministries of CMO include the Community of Blessing Medical Clinics. COB host teams to come and partner with LTC students to run mobile medical clinics in remote villages. Through LTC, CMO sends teams out to remote churches to encourage pastors and Christians living in difficult places.

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